Wild Alaskan Lingcod Portions - 10 LBS

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Wild Alaskan Lingcod

Lingcod (nick-named “buckethead” for its enormous mouth) is celebrated for its rich yet mild flavor and smooth flesh and is often compared to halibut. It is extremely versatile to cook with and can be baked, broiled, fried, grilled, sauteed, steamed, smoked or made into fish and chips. When lingcod is dressed immediately on the water then vacuum-packed and flash frozen (just the one time) as it is with Alaska Select, it can be enjoyed as sushi, in which case it is known as "kinmutsu." For those who are new to lingcod, the blue-green tint of the meat is normal (though inconsistent) and is not an indication of quality. The color cooks out completely, leaving a mild-tasting, tender, medium-firm white piece of fish with large, moist flakes.

Flavor & Texture

Mild, yet rich flavor
Medium-firm, smooth, moist texture
The occasional bluish/green coloring cooks out to a white meat


  • Caught: Spring and summer

  • Location: SE Alaska

  • Method: Dinglebar (hook and line)

  • Vacuum-packed & flash frozen (skinless/boneless) in 6-8 oz portions

  • 10 lb box dimensions: 15” x 10 ¼” x 6½”

  • Generally holds up to 18 months

  • PLEASE NOTE: Blue/green coloring of the raw meat is normal in ~20% of lingcod! The color cooks out, resulting in large white flakes.


Health & Nutrition (based on 3 oz serving size)

Calories 90

Protein 20 g

Fat 1 g

Sodium 65 mg

Cholesterol  57 mg

Omega-3s 225 mcg

Potassium 480 mg

Calcium 20 mg