User-Guide Memoir In The Works


Captain Nick Lee is working on a memoir meets user’s guide; a four part book that gives a colorful look at the seafood industry through the eyes of a life-long fisherman in international business. The book begins with the “perfect storm”--the moment of near collapse for the world’s now largest most sustainable fishery. Over a decade later, Lee shares his experience from the eye of that storm as a case study for how an industry can redirect itself from annihilation by making sacrifices, taking risks and investing in a sustainable future.

Lee’s story is personal and adventurous, and his passion for reconnecting readers to our “last wild food” is contagious. The memoir doubles as a user guide through sections that break down basic tools for navigating the seafood industry, such as what to look for when buying seafood, and how to recognize the consequences of where your seafood is coming from.

Lee’s book sets out to stand up for our oceans, empower consumers to make responsible choices that ensure a future for seafood and sealife, and even enhance his readers’ culinary experiences of seafood (tips on sourcing quality, storage and preparation). 

Ultimately, Nick proposes that our global seafood industry is entering that same “perfect storm,” and we must be willing to make the necessary changes and to invest in a sustainable future by connecting with our sources and voting with our dollar.