Buying Clubs: How they work

What Is A Buying Club?

Our buying clubs are small communities of Alaska Select Seafood lovers across the continental United States and in Hawaii--they are our distribution anchors. Our buying clubs are designed to provide a sea-to-table service at distributor pricing. It's free to join an existing club in your community, and it pays to start one. (We aim to keep clubs at a collective minimum of 200 lbs.)   

How Does It Work?

Buying clubs meet twice a year at a predetermined date, time and place to pick up their preordered seafood.  By teaming up with friends, family, co-workers, or other people in the area, folks generate buying power to purchase high quality seafood in bulk (portioned and flash frozen right off the boat) at distributor pricing. 

How Do I Join or Start A Club?
    • It's free and easy! To find and join an existing club in your area, browse our distribution locations here
    • For more information on how to start a buying club in your town, call Nick Lee at 206-854-9630 or email us.