Buying Clubs

What Is A Buying Club?

Our Buying Clubs are designed to provide high quality Alaskan salmon, black cod, halibut, and pacific cod to seafood lovers at distributor pricing. If you love seafood, and you are tired of paying inflated prices for poor quality seafood, consider starting a club in your community.
How Does It Work?
A Buying Club is a group of people that meet once or twice a year at a predetermined date, time and place to pick up the product that they have pre-ordered.  By teaming up with friends, family, co-workers, or other people in your area, you generate buying power so you can buy high quality seafood in bulk at distributor pricing. We would like to keep club orders to a minimum of 200 Lbs.  This could be any combination, for example, it could be 10  (20 LB) boxes of salmon or 5 (20 LB) boxes of salmon, 5 (10 LB) boxes of halibut and 5 (10 LB) boxes of black cod…
Buying Club Locations Available

We have many Buying Club locations available in the Continental United States and Hawaii. For more information on how to Start A Buying Club in your town, call 206-854-9630 or just email us.

Find A Buying Club
If you’re not interested in starting your own Buying Club but still want some of our delicious Alaskan Seafood click here to find a Buying Club in your area.”