Pebble Mine CTAs

"I’ve been working on a documentary with a crew over the last three years. The overarching theme of the documentary is what you’ve seen lots of here on the website--the disconnect between the seafood industry and the consumer. You know, "when you don't know the source of your food, and seafood in particular, there are consequences…”
...Like the Pebble Mine. And although the proposed Pebble Mine was originally a part of our documentary, it was never intended to be a dominant theme. The Pebble Mine was pretty much put to bed when we started this project in early 2016. However, I kept the interviews that we did about the Pebble Mine in my back pocket, just in case there would be a time that the proposal was back on the table. Unfortunately, that time is now. We’ve been called to action. And our action is passing it along in the best way we know how. We are creating three short “Call to Action” videos to engage people on social media platforms."

-Nick Lee, April 6th, 2019