Captain Nick Lee, founder of Alaska Select Seafood, on his fishing boat The Anasazi

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When you don’t know the source of your seafood, what you do know is dependent on an industry which often prefers to muddy the water themselves. Fish, for a majority of the industry, is not a living resource, but a commodity in a long supply chain. Widespread mislabeling, fraud, false eco-claims and green-washing tactics, in addition to confusing dietary advice doled out by well meaning but equally confused celebrities, leaves the water looking pretty murky. It is certainly the last place you want to go fishing.

Meanwhile, 90% of the seafood Americans consume is imported, which adds to the mounting disconnect between consumers and the food they eat. Today, getting to the source of your seafood, is literally a foreign affair. And when it comes to American shorelines and estuaries, we have repeatedly failed to protect our own backyards.

With knowledge and information so far out of reach, what compels us to care about mangroves in Indonesia and the consequences of our all you can eat obsession with shrimp?

Nothing gets solved overnight but the closer we get to home, the more we have to care about, the more likely we are to notice the impact of our actions and feel empowered to fight for change, for a better ending to our stories. As an industry insider, I have unique access to a world that has largely remained hidden from consumer attention. I have access to its strange riddles and infuriating inefficiencies but also, to potential solutions. Ultimately, my goal is to help consumers make informed decisions by first clearing a little mud out of the water. Second, I am committed to sustainability, as are the independent fishermen who help me bring a wider variety of high quality, healthy, wild Alaskan fish directly to consumers. The fish always come first. They are the future.

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Customers Are Saying:

I bought the Halibut last year. I made the mistake of making it for an acquaintance for supper (never having made Halibut before in my life). The fish was SOOO amazingly good that the dinner ended up in a near marriage proposal! Am totally serious. 


THANKS for all you do!

C. W., Portland

Thanks for the miso black cod recipe.  The cod was absolutely amazing.  We've gone through most of it already... let us know when you have more in stock.  Thanks again!

T. M., Florida

Love this salmon. Some of the highest caliber salmon you can get in New York at a better price than almost every grocery store or market. Since it is flash frozen it makes it convenient to keep in the freezer for a long period of time without losing quality. Thanks again!

M. K., New York