Black Cod Portions - 5 lbs NYC

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Wild Alaskan Black Cod Portions

Also known as sablefish, black cod is considered a delicacy in countries throughout the world and is reputed for its rich, yet mild flavor, soft-texture, and high oil content.  The meat is referred to as “velvety” or “satiny,” hence its common market nickname, “Butterfish.” The flesh parts into large, white, delicate flakes that absorb marinades well. Its high flat content makes fillets good for grilling, smoking, frying, or served as sushi. Each bone-in skin-on black cod portion is vacuum sealed for freshness then flash frozen and shipped.

  • Caught: mid March- early November
  • Location: SE Alaska
  • Method: Longline (hook and line)
  • Vacuum-packed & flash frozen in 6-8 oz portions
  • 5 lb box dimensions: 12” x 10 ⅜”  x 4 ⅝” 
  • Generally holds up to 2 years

Health & Nutrition (based on 3.5 oz serving size)

Calories: 260

Omega-3: 1800 mg

Protein: 17 g

Fat: 20 g

Sodium: 70 mg

Potassium: 410 mg

Cholesterol: 65 mg