Alaskan Bairdi Snow Crab - 6.6lbs NYC

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Wild Alaskan Bairdi Snow Crab

Snow Crab is reputed for its sweet flavor, “snowy” white meat, and fibrous texture. Of the “Snow Crabs” (Bairdi and Opillio), Bairdi trends as the more premium, and even “best crab available on the market,” by crab lovers and the culinary world. Alaska Select sells Bairdi Snow Crab brine frozen and water glazed, “cooked to perfection” for convenience. It is best enjoyed cold-- thawed out in the refrigerator overnight or in a room-temperature bath hours before. If desired served hot, the crab needs to be slowly warmed to avoid overcooking (or losing moisture). It is naturally low in fat and calories, and high in protein.

Flavor & Texture

Sweet, delicate flavor
Snowy white meat
Tender/fibrous texture


  • Caught: February
  • Location: SE Alaska
  • Method: Pots
  • Clusters vacuum-packed & flash frozen (brine frozen and water glazed) 
  • Cooked to perfection
  • 3kz (~6.6lb) bags 
  • Generally holds over 18 months

Health & Nutrition (based on 3.5 oz serving size)

115 Calories

Protein 24 g

Fat 1.5 g

Saturated Fat  <0.5 g

Sodium 690 mg

Cholesterol  70 mg