The Benefits Of Wild 100% Pure Alaska Seafood

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye SalmonThe cold, clear waters off Alaska’s 34,000-mile coastline are the world’s best resource for Wild Sockeye Salmon. The Sockeye Salmon mature in an unmatched natural  environment that provides them with superior flavor, richer color, and a firmer texture than farm raised fish. This natural superiority results from a life spent feeding on the sea’s natural foods while getting plenty of exercise swimming against strong currents of the cold, clean North Pacific. Unlike genetically modified farmed fish, you will find no antibiotics, high levels of PCBs, added pigment, or growth hormones in our Sockeye fillets. They are wild, all natural and pure. This makes the Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon the clear choice for consumers and food service operators throughout the world.

Health & Nutrition
Enjoying Alaska Select Seafood is not only delicious, but good for your heart, body and mind. Wild Alaskan Sockeye and Black Cod Fillets are one of the best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids and of high quality protein. Omega-3 fatty acids help support heart health, may reduce the risks of certain cancers (particularly of the breast, prostate and colon) and are essential in pregnancy and infant development. The American Heart Association recommends 2 servings of fatty fish per week. Serving size: 3oz. (85 grams) ----cooked Sockeye Calories                                        180 Omega-3                                           1 g Protein                                            21 g Fat                                                   11 g Carbohydrates                                  0 g Sodium                                           50 mg Potassium                                     410 mg Cholesterol                                     60 mg Note: Protein and fat will vary 1-2% in protein and fat content from these averages, depending upon the maturity of the fish. Serving size: 3.5 oz. (85 grams) ----cooked Black cod Calories                                        260 Omega-3                                      1800 mg Protein                                           17 g Fat                                                  20 g Sodium                                          70 mg Potassium                                     410 mg Cholesterol                                     65 mg Serving size: 3.5oz. (85 grams) ----cooked Halibut Calories                                        140 Omega-3                                           460 mg Protein                                            27 g Fat                                                   3 g Sodium                                           70 mg Potassium                                     410 mg Cholesterol                                     40 mg
Sustainable Resource
Make a world of difference for yourself, and your children by supporting healthy management of our ocean and its resources.
Sustainable Fishing
 Alaska Select sees the necessity for active environmental stewardship so our "last wild food" flourishes not only in this generation, but for generations to come. We endorse fishing and management practices that maintain a healthy ecosystem, thereby supporting the valuable resource itself, the fish.  Alaska Select is proud to connect you with the healthiest, most sustainable seafood available today. To learn more about Alaska’s sustainable fisheries, click here.