What do our customers say?

Our Seafood is 100% Pure, sourced from Alaska’s sustainably managed fisheries and harvested using the highest quality standards. We take great pride in providing our customers with premium Alaska Seafood. You will taste the difference.

I wanted to thank you for connecting me with the salmon order. I gave some of the fish to my dad as well. We were both extremely impressed with the amazing taste of the fish. It was the best I have eaten.

Thanks so much!!

Debra  -San Diego, CA

As you can imagine it's very hard to get good salmon in the mid-west. You've made us happy. Thank you very much,

Jay -Kansas City, MO

This salmon blows away anything we can get around here. We'll place our September order soon. Thanks again.

Salmon Lover NYC -New York, NY
After being a cook in Alaska for four summers, I became very spoiled with the availability of fresh fish every day. Since moving back to the lower 48, and into the mountains, fish has not been part of my diet....until purchasing the delectable sockeye salmon from Josh. So fast to thaw, so quick and easy to bake and just so delicious, makes me feel 'Alaskan' once again.

N. - McCall, ID

Our opinion is not easily won over when it comes to fish and food, so here is our testimonial on your product. The sockeye salmon we received from Alaska Select Seafood this past January was absolutely the best. Living in Idaho it is often hard to find good fresh salmon and your sockeye was the best tasting, freshest we have ever had. We have bought 2 boxes since January that we have shared with our friends and their report is the same as ours.

C & S - McCall, ID

I was the recipient of a box of your salmon from my neighbor. It is the best I have eaten and the packaging in reasonable serving sizes is perfect. I will be a happy customer for a long time coming.

Andy- McCall, ID

Alaska select sockeye salmon tastes fresh, like it was caught that day. And it is so simple to cook, just mix up one of Nick's great rubs or your own and bbq, 15 minutes start to eating delicious completely wild Alaska sockeye. Knowing that these sockeye are caught using sustainable methods, to preserve wild salmon, is very important to me.

Brian - Seattle, WA

I've been skeptical of wild salmon in the past, because it can sometimes be dry or bland but we went ahead and ordered this salmon. Its truly amazing and we have been blown away. Each time we've made it so far (at least 5 times for my family) it has been moist, flavorful and delicious. The quality of the fish is outstanding, and every time I eat it I feel like I am doing something great for myself and my family. YUM.

J.S.- New York, NY

Love this salmon. Some of the highest caliber salmon you can get in New York at a better price than almost every grocery store or market. Since it is flash frozen it makes it convenient to keep in the freezer for a long period of time without losing quality. Thanks again!

M., New York, NY

Damn. We just finished grilling the black cod and baking the halibut. Olive oil, pepper, salt. Unbelievably delicious. Seriously frickin' good. I'll provide something more eloquent later, but it's very very good. I'll buy a small freezer for more of that stuff...

W. - Moab, UT

Eating wild caught Alaskan sockeye salmon is no longer an expensive experience limited to special occasions. Thanks to Alaska Select and Nick Lee, I enjoy delicious, nutritious, and sustainable salmon at a reasonable price year-round. Nick offers a simple ordering process, a convenient Minneapolis drop site, and 30 years as a commercial fisherman in Alaska. In turn, I receive an exceptional product that nourishes me, sustains the environment, and assures that I know where my salmon comes from.

M. - Minneapolis, MN